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Aitebar Foundation is an NGO founded to work towards the social development of our society. We cater to all societal plights, including but not limited to medical, environmental, educational, and economic.


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Ocean Cleanup Drive

 A major contribution to marine life degradation is plastic pollution. According to a study, about 8 million tonnes of plastic is deliberately dumped into the oceans globally. They also find their way due to wind and the flow of rivers and the release of urban overflow into water channels.  

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Urban Forest Plantation

Aitebar Foundation in collaboration with the Urban Forest made attempts to restore and fully convert an abandoned park in Clifton into an Urban Forest for the general public.

Urban Forest Cleanup

An ongoing project where Aitebar Foundation is conducting multiple plantation drives as part of our green initiative. Studies show that planting trees is one of the best ways to control the negative externalizations of carbon emission, and in an urban hub like Karachi it has become essential to have more greenery. 

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Medical Camps

Multiple Medical camps were conducted in internal Sindh, where patients were provided with general checkups and medicine free of cost. Hepatitis testing also took place free of cost in collaboration with The Health Foundation.

Hara Pakistan

Students from multiple universities of Karachi came together with Aitebar Foundation to embark on an environmental campaign of showcasing how to be eco-friendly and why. We concluded with a large-scale plantation drive to leave a green footprint.
Aitebar Foundation visited Sir Syed Girls College to present on sustainability.

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Labour Day With KFC

Aitebar Foundation joined hands with KFC Pakistan on Labour day 2019 to appreciate all the hard work KFC employees put together every day in order to provide their customers with great service. 

Hygiene Drives

Multiple hygiene drives were conducted at HELP International Welfare Trust and other locations in order to encourage the use of soap and hygiene products to fight COVID-19.

Medical Camp
Plant Trees To Help Them

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