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Eco-friendly Products – Gateway to Sustainability

Our Earth, Our Future – A catchy slogan, our enthusiastic selves would love to chant or preach to others. But, the real concern arises when an individual is questioned about his contribution towards saving and preserving mother nature. We are the inhabitants of this planet and thus, it is our responsibility that we actively try to make this world a better place to live; not just for us but also for the future generation. In this day and age, when there is a serious overflow of information, an individual should feel responsible enough to make informed choices, and the introduction of eco-friendly products is an applause-worthy effort to prevent further deterioration of the earth and its resources.

Eco-friendly products are simply those products that are less harmful to the environment. With the use of such products, one can set out on a journey of sustainability. Sustainability is indispensable and many businesses are now embracing this as a part of their practices. Sustainability caters to the idea of ‘meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Brundtland Comission, 1987). By starting out even with a single product replacement, individuals all around the globe are capable of creating a significant impact.

Recent innovations of eco-friendly products are a new talk of the town. Many people are now trying to grasp the concept behind sustainability and adopting a new lifestyle; a lifestyle with less wastage and more preservation. An interesting example of eco-friendly products is bamboo toothbrush, organic shampoo bars, reusable water bottles, metal straws, natural deodorant sticks, reusable grocery bags in place of plastic bags, biodegradable trash bags, reusable and recycled notebooks/papers etc. Many celebrities and influencers are now promoting a healthy lifestyle through their social media platforms. Some understand the concept behind it and some are simply following the ‘trend’. Regardless, there is an evident shift of purchasing habits of customers which in turn is pushing producers towards a more conscious manufacturing process.

Pakistan might not be on top of this race of sustainability, but is definitely moving towards it. The organizations as well as the individuals, both are trying to produce and consume eco-friendly products respectively. Doubtlessly, the pace of the shift is slower than other western countries but noticeable. One such example is the Pakistani clothing brand, Sapphire which has introduced biodegradable seed bags. This, in my opinion, was a great initiative and which also led other clothing brands to follow in the same footsteps. Similarly, more advanced steps can be taken by the companies in creating various eco-friendly products. Clothing brands can produce eco-friendly clothing items from recycling the previously manufactured materials. Eateries can introduce reusable metal straws and seed bags for take-outs. Toy companies can make toys from recycled material. Personal care brands can incorporate the use of natural and organic ingredients in products such as shampoos, body wash, face wash, soaps etc. and ensure eco-friendly packaging.

In these contemporary times, we have unlimited access to all kinds of practices taking place in the world. All of us are fully aware of the negative environmental effects of using harsh chemicals in the production process and the depletion of non-renewable resources. However, knowing is not enough. We should be able to fill the knowing-doing gap by altering our daily-life choices of products (Haanaes, 2016). Luckily, we can do this by supporting eco-friendly businesses or by simply refusing to buy harshly manufactured products. The extensive demand for sustainable products will automatically shift the production market towards natural and eco-friendly ways. The growing need for eco-friendly products will reduce the depletion of natural resources and decrease the drastic effects of climate change. These products are not only good for the environment but are also beneficial for human health. The manufacturing process of sustainable products is cleaner as it includes minimum waste production and minimum secretion of harmful chemicals into the environment. This allows nature to breathe, hence, providing a safe environment for us humans to live in.

Quote by John Denver, ‘Love the earth as you would love yourself’ can really put humans in a terrible dilemma. The idea of loving the earth and loving ourselves simultaneously might seem odd because all our lives we have been made to believe that the earth belongs to us when in reality, the truth is just the opposite. We come from the days of innovation, humans have witnessed all sorts of discoveries but have unfortunately exhausted and abused the resources along the way. We all must realize that protecting the environment and making the earth a safer survival platform is and should be our only priority. Join the fight and do what’s right; use eco-friendly products and play your part in improving the lives of multiple generations.


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